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2019 Paterson Trophy weekend

Use this link to access the Google spreadsheet to view all the results from this weekend's Paterson Trophy. They will be filled in by a rep in each zone, and will appear in real time.

NZIB Google spreadsheet

If there's any issues, email Webmaster, however I'll also be doing Zone 4 so I could be busy.

2019 Summerset Masters Open Fours


June Newsletter available

Go to the Newsletters page to download the latest newsletter from the NZIB.

2019 Summerset Nationals

Results are available on the Nationals Championships page

Open Singles Winner: Tim Veale - Ashhurst, Manawatu beating Paul Smith - Papamoa Sports, Tauranga 9-8

Kath & S.E.N. Smith Trophy (Senior going the furtherest in the Open): Graham Low - Southland
Truth Cup for Woman going the furtherest: Mary-Anne Tanfield - Waikato
Cliff Thompson Trophy for Junior going the furtherest: Kaleb Johnston - Nelson

Masters Singles Winner: Dora Warren - Pirimai, Hawkes Bay bt Val Hagan - Papamoa Sports, Tauranga 10-4

Open Pairs Winners: Grant l'Ami and Mike Phipps - South City Club, Tauranga bt Gary Low and Graham Low from the Grasmere Club, Southland 7-6

Bob Malcolm Memorial Tropy: Matthew and Delwyn Ellis from Counties

Masters Pairs Winners: Bronnie Read and Colleen Riddock - Club 2000 North Taranaki bt Mark Sheard and Helen Rennie - Ashburton MSA, Ashburton 10-9

Open Triples Winners: Grant l'Ami, Mike Phipps, Lorraine Phipps - South City, Tauranga bt Avon Compton, Kyle Waldron, Sam Anderson - Newlands, North Wellington 13-5

Masters Triples Winners: Barry Chapman, Selwyn Hale, Dennis Hale - St Andrews, Waikato bt Bruce Dalton, Ron Searancke, Rod West - Pirimai, Hawkes Bay 10-3

Open Fours Winners: Matthew Ellis, Jason Parker, Anthony McQuoid, Delwyn Ellis - St Pats, Counties bt Shaun Blackbourn, James Sullivan, Jeremy Markham, Bronwyn McNally - St Pauls, Canterbury 12-4

Masters Fours Winners: Gordon Lang, Carol Lovell, Yvonne Collins, Tricia Lang - Otorohanga, King Country bt Craig Whiteside, Barry Black, Helen Black, Robyn Whiteside - Papamoa Sports, Tauranga

Robertson Cup (Open Player of the Tournament) won by: Mike Phipps - Tauranga
Rayner Cup (Masters Player of the Tournament)
won by: Bronnie Read - North Taranaki
Patrons Cup
won by: Tauranga

Nationals Forum

Notes and information from the Forum that was held at the Nationals, are available for download from the Nationals page here

Island Teams announced

Congratulations to all players announced in the North & South Island teams.

Download the PDF here to view the teams

Click here to view the Tour Itinerary

May Newsletter available

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Waikato Triple win South Island Championship Triples

The Waikato Triple of David Archer, Shaun Blackbourn and Joy Archer from the St Andrews Club, Hamilton won the South Island Championship Triples at the CIBA Hall on Monday.

This was Blackbourn and Joy Archer's second Island Title in a row having won the North Island Pairs last year. It was David Archer's first.
In the final they defeated Daniel French, Alex Reed and Colin Williams, Wakari Club, Otago 10-9.

To reach the final Archer beat Chris Matthews, Rob Osborne, Shaun Osborne, Woolston Club Canterbury 8-7 while French beat Steve Fisher, Avon Compton, Nicole Singer, Hornby, Canterbury 12-4.

The Badgemakers Trophy for the player of the tournament was a three way tie between Shaun Blackbourn, Joy Archer and Daniel French. French also won this Trophy last year at the North Island Championships.

South Island Championship Fours to Hornby

Mat Black Simon Thomas from the Hornby Workingmen's Club, Canterbury combined with three North Islanders Steve Fisher, Avon Compton and Nicole Singer to win the South Island Indoor Bowls Championship Fours at the CIBA Hall, Kearneys Road, Christchurch on Sunday.

In the final they defeated Daniel French, Alex Reed, Colin Williams and Keri Te Tamaki from the Wakari Club, Otago 10-8. French and Te Tamaki were in the winning team at the North Island Championship Fours last year in Rotorua and Reed and Williams are from Auckland.

Waikato Pair wins SI Championship Pairs

Shaun Blackbourn and Joy Archer from the St Andrews Club, Waikato won the South Island Indoor Bowls Championship Pairs at the CIBA Hall, Kearneys Road, Christchurch on Saturday. This was an historic achievement as they won the North Island Pairs in Rotorua last year to go back to back.

Trans-Tasman Test Match

New Zealand retains Henselite Trophy.

In a titanic struggle the New Zealand Mat Blacks Indoor Bowls Team fought off a very strong challenge by Australia to retain the Henselite Trophy by just one game 34-32 at the Southland Indoor Bowls Stadium, Invercargill on Saturday.

The International played over three days was an outstanding success with both teams giving their utmost for their countries. Australia made the best start but New Zealand fought back to finally clinch the victory in the final session.

Click here to go to the full International page including Media write up by Delwyn, and the draw.

2019 Secondary Schools Entry Forms

Here are the two entry forms for the 2 major Secondary Schools competitions:

North Island Secondary Schools at Mt Maunganui
NZ Secondary Schools held at North Wellington

Forms available in PDF format, entry details are on each form

Umpires Training Video

A training video for Umpires has been under direction of the NZIB, which is available for viewing from the NZIB Youtube Channel. You can access the NZIB channel here, or the training video directly here

2 new National events added

2 new National events have been added for the 2019 year - a 1-5 Year Pairs and a Masters Fours. Details on these two events are available for download here

National Event rules available

Go to the Rules page to download a PDF outlining the rules for all the National Events

February Executive minutes available

Go to the Executive page to download the minutes from the NZIB meeting held in February

2019 Calendars updated

Go to the National Calendar page to download the 2019 NZIB & National Events Calendars in PDF format.

NZIB Umpires Exams - Model Questions & Answers

The Federation have released a paper that can be studied by people who are wanting to sit the exam to become an umpire, be it at Local or National level. It contains model questions and answers that may or may not be asked in the exams. Someone preparing for the exams would be well advised to take note and study what is inside this paper, as it will give them a much higher level of knowledge, thus a higher chance of passing.

Umpires Exam Papers Model Questions and Answers


Nationals coverage. Watch this and lots more, supplied for you by Alex Reed, Press Reporter, Tauranga Indoor Bowls Association. Go there.

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