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mixed fours tournament 2017

Competing Teams

Competing Teams:

North Island
Northern Zone:
Northland: Chris Watson (s), Trudy Watson, Eddie McCarthy, Judy Bethel
Eastern Zone: Tauranga: Paul Smith (s), Mike Phipps, Fiona Keegan, Lorraine Phipps
Western Zone: Taranaki: Trevor Bourne (s), Sue Bourne, Arthur Podjursky, Bari Oliver
South-Eastern Zone:
Bush Ruahine: Jude Martin (s), Grant Mainwaring, David Hawkins, Judy Duncan
Southern Zone: Upper Hutt Valley: Ashley Diamond (s), Brandon Fuge, Lisa White, Sheree Holmes

South Island

Northern Zone: Nelson: Lloyd Bellis (s), Pete Hodson, Kay Forsyth, Rhonda Bellis
Eastern Zone: South Canterbury: Derek Cooper (s), David Mealings, Carolyn Cooper, Mary Mealings
Southern Zone: Otago: Daniel French (s), David Webb, Lyn Rance, Jenny Cowan



Tauranga bt Nelson 8-4
Taranaki bt South Canterbury 12-5
Upper Hutt Valley bt Bush Ruahine 8-7
Otago drew Northland 9-9


Taranaki bt Northland 9-7
Bush Ruahine bt Nelson 10-7
South Canterbury bt Tauranga 10-9
Otago bt Upper Hutt Valley 11-3

Aggregate: TA 4, OT 3, BR 2, SC 2, TG 2, UV 2, NL 1, NN 0


Tauranga bt Northland 17-4
Taranaki bt Otago 11-9
Upper Hutt Valley bt Nelson 9-3
South Canterbury bt Bush Ruahine 10-7

Aggregate: TA 6, TG 4, UV 4, SC 4, OT 3, BR 2, NL 1, NN 0


Tauranga bt Otago 11-7
Upper Hutt Valley bt Taranaki 8-6
Bush Ruahine bt Northland 14-5
Nelson bt South Canterbury 8-5

Aggregate: TG 6, UV 6, TA 6, BR 4, SC 4, OT 3, NN 2, NL 1


Tauranga bt Taranaki 8-7
South Canterbury bt Upper Hutt Valley 7-5
Otago bt Bush Ruahine 8-6
Nelson bt Northland 9-4

Aggregate: TG 8, SC 6, TA 6, UV 6, OT 5, NN 4, BR 4, NL 1


Tauranga bt Upper Hutt Valley 9-7
South Canterbury bt Northland 15-9
Otago bt Nelson 11-8
Taranaki drew Bush Ruahine 8-8

Aggregate: TG 10, SC 8, OT 7, TA 7, UV 6, NL 1, NN 4, BR 5


Otago bt South Canterbury 7-4
Upper Hutt Valley bt Northland 11-7
Bush Ruahine bt Tauranga 13-9
Nelson bt Taranaki 12-8

Final Result: TG 10, OT 9, SC 8, UV 8, TA 7, BR 7, NN 6, NL 1



Tauranga's Paul Smith, Mike Phipps, Fiona Keegan and Lorraine Phipps won the 53rd National Final of the New Zealand Indoor Bowls Mixed Fours at the Expressions Events Centre, Upper Hutt.

This combination also won in 2014 and this win earned Mike and Lorraine Phipps their fifth titles and a Mixed Fours Gold Star. Only two other players have achieved this and they were Bruce and Sue Meyer from Manawatu in 1997. Their other wins were with John Zittersteijn and Liz Morrow in 2006 and 2007 and with Grant l'Ami and Michelle Watt in 2010.

They won five of their seven games to win with 10 pts. The event was played on a round robin principle and each of the teams had won both their district and one of eight zone finals.

Otago skipped by Daniel French with David Webb, Lyn Rance, Jenny Cowan were second with 9 pts while last year's champions, Ashley Diamond (s), Brandon Fuge, Lisa White, Sheree Holmes from Upper Hutt were fourth with 8 pts.