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Academy Challenge Event & Northern versus Southern Zone Masters
North & South Island Teams 2017 - North Island to tour South Island

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Singles - Open Singles to Gary Low and Masters Singles to Mark Sheard

A 41 year old Battery Sales Representative Gary Low from Southland won the 69th Summerset National Indoor Bowls Open Singles Championship at the EA Networks Centre, Ashburton on Sunday.

In the final he defeated Robert Wilson, South Otago over 12 ends in an exciting and very tight final. Low led 9-5 after seven ends and then Wilson fought back to level the match 8-8 scoring one shot on the final end to level the match. On the deciding end Low had to disturb the head and moved the jack to the side of the mat. When he came to play his last bowl he was three down on the head. He calmly got down and drew the shot to clinch the title 9-8.

This was the New Zealand representative's second national championship title as he had won the triples with his parents Graham and Jan Low in 2011.

In the semifinals Low defeated Grant l'Ami, North Taranaki 10-8 while Wilson defeated Alex Reed, Auckland 10-8

The defending champion Wayne Baker, Waikato did not enter the championships.

The winner of the Truth Cup that is awarded to the woman who progresses the farthest in the singles went to Teri Anderson from St Andrews Club, Waikato for the third time. She previously won it in 2014 and 2016.

The Kath and Sen Smith Trophy which is awarded to the senior player in the Open Singles over the age of 65 who progresses the farthest went to Alister Wilson, North Taranaki after he won a round robin playoff after three players were eliminated in the last 16, Wilson, Barry Clement, Tauranga and Milton Toft, Counties.

Jakeb White from the St Pats Club, Counties won the Cliff Thompson Trophy for the best junior player under the age of 18 in the singles for the second year in a row. He went out in the last 32 when he lost to Sean Ridley, North Taranaki 6-9.

The Masters Singles was won by Ashburton's Mark Sheard who had to come from behind to beat Andrew Brunton, North Taranaki 11-10. He scored two shots on the last end to win the title.

In the semifinals Sheard defeated Kevin Davison, Waikato 12-7 while Brunton defeated Marcel Ruedi, Northland 13-8.

250 players contested the Open Singles and 170 players the Masters Singles. 100 qualified in the Open Singles and 58 in the Masters Singles for post section play.

- Delwyn Hughes, Publicity Officer

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Pairs - Women Skips feature

Shelley and Mark Jacombs from the Vogelmorn Club, Hutt Valley won the Open Championship Pairs title at the 69th Summerset National Indoor Bowls Championships at the EA Networks Centre, Ashburton on Tuesday while Lyn and Graham Brittain, North End Club, Northland won the Masters Pairs title.

It is only the third time in the history of the National Championships that a women has skipped the winning team in the Open Pairs. The previous ones were Cath Thompson who combined with her husband Cliff from Waikato in 1963 and Alison Hughes who skipped Gayleen Bell, Waikato in 2001.

And then to put the icing on the cake Lyn Brittain became the first woman to skip the Masters Champion team with her husband Graham. This was a remarkable feat for the Northland pair as Graham suffered a severe stroke a few years ago and this achievement was beyond their wildest dreams.

In the final Jacombs defeated the father and son combination of Mark and Sean Ridley, from the Club 2000, North Taranaki 10-5 while Brittain defeated last year's champions Barry Clement and Moyra Hood, Papamoa Sports Club, Tauranga 11-4 in the Masters final over 10 ends.

Moyra Hood who was in the runner-up team lives in a Summerset Home and was thrilled to be able to take photos and take the news back to her neighbours.

In the semifinals Shelley and Mark Jacombs, Vogelmorn, Hutt Valley knocked out the defending champions Paul Wright and Richard Caddy from the St Andrews Club, Waikato 9-5 while Mark and Sean Ridley from Club 2000, North Taranaki put out Steve Fisher and Paul Voorend, Portage Road, Auckland 11-6.

In the semifinals of the Masters Event Clement beat the Masters Singles champion Mark Sheard and Helen Rennie, Ashburton MSA 8-6 while Brittain defeated Ton Kaan and Ian Malcolm, Greenhithe Club, North Harbour 8-6.

The Bob Malcolm Memorial Trophy for the best married couple in the Open Pairs went to Shelley and Mark Jacombs.

- Delwyn Hughes, Publicity Officer

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Triples - Ashburton claims two titles

Simon Thomas, Michael Lawson and Daniel French from the Rakaia Club, Ashburton won the Open Triples and Mark Sheard, Joyce Cleghorn and Helen Rennie from the Ashburton MSA Club won the Masters Triples at the 69th Summerset National Indoor bowls Championships at the EA Networks Centre, Ashburton on Thursday.

In the final over 10 ends Thomas defeated Mark Appleby, Robert Abraham and Kirstyn Harrison from the Taradale School Club, Hawkes Bay 13-2.

In a one sided final the Ashburton team had too much fire power for the Hawkes Bay combination that had had a terrific win in the semi final defeating Kevin Boothby's Thames Valley team of Tim and Peggy Jones 8-6.

Thomas and French are both New Zealand representatives and Michael Lawson a South Island representative. Harrison and Abraham are both second year bowlers and did themselves and their club great honour.

In the other semifinal Thomas beat Ashley Diamond, Hayden Warnes and Sheree Holmes, Upper Hutt Valley Cosmopolitan Club, Upper Hutt, 9-8

This was Thomas's third title, Lawson's second and French's first.

The Masters final saw Mark Sheard, Joyce Cleghorn and Helen Rennie, Ashburton MSA, defeat the inaugural 2015 champions Stewart Stratford, Jean Stratford and Chris Guy, Niagara Club, Southland 10-1.

Sheard has had an amazing week having won the Masters Singles and being runner-up in the pairs with Rennie.

In the semifinals Strafford defeated John Holmes, Ann Cottrell and Ray Sangster, Burnside, Otago 8-5 while Sheard defeated Barry Clement, Basil Johnstone and Moyra Hood, Papamoa Sports, Tauranga 13-2.

105 Triples entered the Open Triples and 55 the Masters Triples. 37 teams qualified in the Open Event and 25 the Masters Event

- Delwyn Hughes, Publicity Officer

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- Delwyn Hughes, Publicity Officer

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Academy Challenge Event & Northern v Southern Zone Masters

Final Result: South Island 27, North Island 21

Round 1: South Island 10; North Island 6;
Round 2: South Island 9, North Island 7;
Round 3: South Island 8, North Island 8.

Academy (Northern Names First):

Singles: Joy Archer, Waikato lost Chris Talbot, Ashburton 6-15, 8-12, 7-11 (0 - 3)
Pairs: Amber McNally, Waikato, Delwyn Ellis, Counties bt Colleen Fenton, South Otago, Kylie Gould, Canterbury 8-6, 4-8, 11-10 (2 - 1)
Triples: Jennifer Sackfield, Manawatu, Candace Andrew, Waikato, Georgia Fisher, Auckland bt Janet Fenemor, Marlborough, Keri Te Tamaki, Otago, Georgia Watt, Central Otago 5-7, 10-5, 7-6 (2 - 1)
Fours: Shelley Jacombs, Hutt Valley, Lois Lamont, Poverty Bay, Michelle Watt, North Taranaki, Cindy White, Counties lost Barb Reid, South Canterbury, Linda Carrick, Nelson, Joanne Hill, Canterbury, Rowena Mackenzie, Ashburton 3-10, 3-12, 5-7 (0 - 3)

Singles: Joseph Zino, Hutt Valley lost Mike Johnston, Nelson 7-9, 12-9, 7-11 (1 - 2)
Pairs: Shaun Blackbourn, Waikato, Aidan Zittersteijn, North Taranaki drew Ken Mackenzie, Ashburton, Warwick Gray, Southland 11-4, 7-7, 5-12 (1.5 - 1.5)
Triples: Robin Porter, Bay of Plenty, Cameron McKay, Bush Ruahine, Matthew Farquhar, Bay of Plenty drew Derek Cooper, South Canterbury, Greg Edwards, Golden Bay-Motueka, Nicholas Sinclair, Otago 4-9, 5-5, 11-7 (1.5 - 1.5)
Fours: Brandon Fuge, Upper Hutt Valley, Trevor Bourne, Taranaki, Colin Williams, Auckland, Kyle Waldron, North Wellington bt Blair Spicer, Canterbury, David Webb, Otago, Caleb Hope, Southland, Steven Grant, Marlborough 12-4, 4-4, 9-8 (2.5 - 0.5)

Masters (Northern Names First):

Final Result: Southern Zone 27, Northern Zone 21

Round 1: Southern Zone 8, Northern Zone 8
Round 2: Southern Zone 8, Northern Zone 8
Round 3: Southern Zone 11.Northern Zone 5

Singles: Lorraine Miedema, Thames Valley bt Ann Cottrell, Otago 10-8, 12-4, 13-5 (3 - 0)
Pairs: Margaret Fisk, Manawatu, Colleen Riddock, North Taranaki lost Marilyn Holmes, Otago,Caroline Braithwaite, Southland 6-12, 8-6, 9-12 (1 - 2)
Triples: Kia Ward, Northland, Viv Hudson, Horowhenua, Sue Meyer, Manawatu lost Jan Low, Southland, Rae Inglis, Golden Bay-Motueka, Bernice Laird, Ashburton 9-6, 5-8, 2-10 (1 - 2)
Fours: Roslyn Irwin, Waikato, Gloria Hall, Manawatu, Bronnie Read, North Taranaki, Delwyn Hughes, Bay of Plenty bt Kathleen Curtis, Canterbury, Kathryn Edgar, South Otago, Jean Stratford, Southland, Brenda Young, Buller 4-4, 7-3, 14-2 (2.5 - 0.5)

Singles: Andrew Brunton, North Taranaki lost Brian Hotton, Southland 5-13, 7-15, 6-13 (0 - 3)
Pairs: Derek Bowman, Counties, Brian Macdonald, Counties lost Mark Sheard, Ashburton, Ron Inglis, Golden Bay-Motueka 12-5, 6-7, 9-11 (1 - 2)
Triples: Brian Hardgrave, North Taranaki, Len Spick, North Taranaki, Ian Malcolm, Counties lost Mike Howard, North Otago, Allan Reid, South Canterbury, Barry Cadogan, Otago 5-7, 6-11, 7-7 (0.5 - 2.5)
Fours: Alister Wilson, North Taranaki, Ivan Phipps, North Taranaki, Kevin Barriball, North Taranaki, Billy Reinsfield, Tauranga drew Graham Low, Southland, Graeme Chapman, Ashburton, Martin Nordqvist, Ashburton, Lloyd Prattley, South Canterbury 5-5, 6-3, 5-9 (1.5 - 1.5)

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North & South Island Teams 2018 - North Island to tour South Island

The teams are:

North Island South Island
Singles Jessie Moffat (NW) Keri Te Tamaki (OT)
Pairs Maureen Pruden (WK)
Joy Archer (WK)
Eileen Grant (SO)
Colleen Fenton (SO)
Triples Fiona Keegan (TG)
Shelley Jacombs (HV)
Denise Clarkson (HV)
Alanna Moffitt (SO)
Marilyn Holmes (OT)
Carolyn Cooper (SC)
Fours Dale Rayner (NW)
Sharon Peters (NH)
Sue Bourne (TA)
Jacque Porter (BP)
Ann Cottrell (OT)
Kylie Gould (CY)
Elaine Carnie (SL)
Caroline Braithwaite (SL)
Reserves Jude Martin (BR)
Amber McNally (WK)
Kathryn Edgar (SO)
Linda Carrick (NN)


North Island South Island
Singles Steve Fisher (AK) Daniel French (OT)
Pairs Paul Smith (TG)
Jason Parker (CS)
Simon Thomas (CY)
Mike King (CY)
Triples Grant Rayner (NW)
Richard Caddy (WK)
Alex Reed (AK)
Robert Wilson (SO)
Hayden Warnes (GB)
Giovanni Persico (NN)
Fours Matthew Ellis (CS)
Mark Ridley (NT)
Robin Porter (BP)
Sean Ridley (NT)
Michael Lawson (AS)
Grant Wilson (AS)
Derek Cooper (SC)
Brandon Williams (OT)
Reserves David Archer (WK)
Shaun Blackbourn (WK)
James Sullivan (CY)
Nicholas Sinclair (OT)


Captain Grant Rayner (NW) Michael Lawson (AS)
Manager David Lynn (PB) Nigel Warnes (GB)